Palacio del Infantado de Guadalajara, España
Palacio del Infantado de Guadalajara, España

Bus from Madrid to Guadalajara

Travel by coach from Madrid to Guadalajara with ALSA for a quick, comfortable and pleasant journey. Only ALSA offers you the chance to travel from Madrid to Guadalajara by coach at the best rate guaranteed. And if you buy your tickets in advance at you can avail of our cheapest deals.

Useful information

  • Frequency: over 30 daily services in both directions.
  • Price: € 3.34
  • Timetable:
  • Madrid - Guadalajara - Madrid
  • Distance between cities: 58 km (36 mi). The entire journey is on the motorway.
  • Trip duration: between 0.50 and 1.30 hours depending on the service.

Bus stations in Madrid and Guadalajara

Coaches travelling from Madrid to Barcelona depart from either the Avenida de América transport hub.

All stations are connected to the public transport network (metro and bus) and have public parking. Your journey will end at the Guadalajara bus station, located on Calle Dos de Mayo, 2.

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The cheapest way to travel
The cheapest way to travel

The cheapest way to travel

In addition to discounts regulated by the Large Families Act, you are entitled to the following discounts* on the maximum prices allowed:

  • Children under 4: free of charge.
  • Children aged 4 to 11: 15% disc. (30% discount for ALSAPLUS+).
  • Youth card (under 30s): 10% disc. Saturdays and Sundays / 5% from Monday to Friday (20% and 10%, respectively for ALSAPLUS+).
  • Over 60s 15% disc. Saturdays and Sundays / 5% from Monday to Friday (20% and 10%, respectively for ALSAPLUS+).
  • Return tickets: 10% disc. (20% discount for ALSAPLUS+).
  • Groups of between 4 and 20 people: 15% disc. Saturdays and Sundays / 5% from Monday to Friday (20% and 10%, respectively for ALSAPLUS+). Subject to purchase more than 5 days in advance.
  • Persons with more than 33% disability: 15% disc. (30% discount for ALSAPLUS+). Free ticket for persons accompanying users with an accredited disability of at least 65% or over, meaning the passenger needs permanent assistance.
  • Buy 15 days or more in advance: 5% disc. (10% discount for ALSAPLUS+).

The following Vouchers are also available:

  • 10-ticket multi-journey voucher: 10% Discount.
  • Incremental nominative voucher (Consult the terms and conditions in Offers and Vouchers).
  • Collaborative ALSA Share Pass (Consult the terms and conditions in Offers and Vouchers).

Changes and cancellation policy:

  • All passengers can cancel their tickets at no further cost up to two hours before the corresponding service departure and can change their tickets with no surcharge up to 30 minutes before the journey starts.
  • Consult additional ALSAPLUS+ advantages.

How to buy a ticket

*Discounts are not cumulative


Enjoy your journey from start to finish

  • Free Wi-Fi on board

    Follow these steps to connect:

    1- Join the ALSAWIFI network.

    2- If you do not connect to the ALSA portal, use your browser to visi

    3 - Once in ALSA's portal, access using your DNI (if you are an ALSAPLUS+ Member), through your social media or by registering in ALSAPLUS+.

    4 - You will see a confirmation window indicating “You're connected!”.

  • Individual leisure

    Enjoy films, series, games, reading, etc. via the ONdROAD app in mobile devices. Remember you must always use earphones for audio.

    Follow these steps to connect:

    1 - Connect your device to the vehicle's ALSAWIFI network.

    2 - Download the ONdROAD app from official stores.

    3 - Enjoy life on board!

  • Comfort and additional services on board

    Children’s entertainment set “Have Fun ALSA” for children under 12. If you wish, you can download some drawings here: Drawing album (PDF 1.8 MB).
    Real-time passenger information.

    By paying a little more you can reserve the next-door seat by booking it 24 hours in advance at the point of sale.

    Bags for wet umbrellas.

    Baby bottle warmer.*

    Travel set.**

    Charger and universal adapter kits.*

    Umbrella loan.*

    "Travel in silence" service (on journeys from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.).

  • Safety

    Seat belts. .

    Seatbelts for pregnant women*.

    Special fastening system for children*.

    The very latest in road safety systems.

    Semi-automatic defibrillator.

    Reflective jackets for use in emergencies.

    Winter tyres and snow chains.

    Alcolock (coach equipped with breathalyser ignition locks for your safety).

    GPS localisation service for minors and dependent persons *

    Bluetooth luggage control system*

    GPS luggage control system **

  • Accesibility

    Elevator and two spaces reserved for passengers in wheelchairs (PRM in wheelchairs).

    On-board accompaniment for children or persons with special needs.**
    Priority seats for the visually impaired or persons with reduced mobility (PRM).

    Special assistance for PRM/PRM in wheelchair.

    Availability of Premium Lounge in Madrid (Avenida de América) for persons with reduced mobility (PRMs) and accompanying person.

    * Free-of-charge loan service upon 48-hour advance booking and payment of a deposit at ALSA points of sale.
    ** Service charge. It is necessary to book 48 hours before departure.

ALSAPLUS+. Added advantages

Are you familiar with our ALSAPLUS+ programme? Become a Member at no extra cost and enjoy all programme advantages: free management costs, accumulate 4% on all of your purchases and get free tickets. Consult all ALSAPLUS+ advantages here.

Special advantages travelling from Madrid to Guadalajara:
  • ALSAPLUS+ members can link their CRTM (Madrid public transport card) to their account at a point of sale or by calling 902 42 22 42.
  • Users can link their ALSAPLUS+ Member account to the minors travelling with them (children up to the age of 18). To register a minor on your ALSAPLUS+ Member account you must fill out a form that can be downloaded here (Spanish).
  • The Member will receive a 15% discount by email off their next purchase after the first trip under this contract identified as an ALSAPLUS+ member. (Valid on all sales channels, except when buying tickets on board the vehicle).
  • Members will accumulate points every time they travel under this contract:
    • 60 points for registering with the programme, after the first trip under this contract identified as an ALSAPLUS+ member. (Valid on all sales channels, except when buying tickets on board the vehicle).
    • 25 points for every €5 spent on tickets under this contract. (Valid on all sales channels, except when buying tickets on board the vehicle).
    • 3 points for on-board validation of CRTM (Madrid public transport card) holders.
    • 10 extra points if you meet any of the following conditions, for purchases over €10:
      • Purchases made on the website, mobile applications, or vending machines.
      • Fixed return.
      • Class services.
      • Purchases made on the website, mobile applications, or vending machines.

What to see in Madrid

The Spanish capital always offers a colossal range of cultural and sightseeing options: its many museums, not least the Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza, and the Reina Sofía National Art Centre, or exhibitions in Centro Cultural Fernán Gómez or Casa de Vacas (in the Retiro park) underpin Madrid's status as a cultural and artistic epicentre. But Madrid has another, equally well-known side to it: the famous "Madrid nightlife" in districts such as Latina, Malasaña, Lavapiés and Chueca, where the fun doesn't stop until dawn.

What to see in Guadalajara

Guadalajara boasts spacious green areas and a range of interesting tourist activities to tweak visitors' interest, in addition to its numerous monuments. Among Guadalajara's architectural heritage, we highlight the Co-cathedral of Santa María, Convento de la Piedad and Palacio de Antonio Mendoza, not forgetting palaces such as those of Dávalos, Condesa de la Vega del Pozo and Infantado. Your visit to Guadalajara may well coincide with one of the many cultural festivals, book fairs, concerts, plays or local festivities held in the city over the course of the year.

Virtual Tour Guadalajara Station


Main hall


Issues and observations

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Our commitment to our customers

ALSA has prepared a Services menu (PDF 6.8 MB) for its Madrid-Guadalajara line that expresses our firm commitment to our customers and to ensuring the quality of our services.

Results of monitoring the commitments established in this menu (available soon).

If interested, you can download all relevant information on this web site in PDF format (5 MB).

Should you have any suggestions, please make them from here. And should you have a complaint, please make it from here.

Latest news on the Madrid-Guadalajara route

The latest significant news on the Madrid-Guadalajara route operated by ALSA.
Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

ALSA has established a voluntary commitment to punctuality that considerably improves the compensation terms and conditions stipulated in the applicable road passenger transport regulations.

See Detailed compensation terms and conditions

Commitment to Excellence compensation

Use your tracking number to check if you are entitled to compensation for any reason. Remember that compensation may only be obtained from points of sale.

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The fields with an (*) are obligatory.

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Possible compensation:


Always connected. ALSA has signed agreements with other transport operators to offer you discounts and combined tickets.

Check routes and schedules here:

Urban services of Torrejón

Urban services of Azuqueca de Henares

City map

Line 1

Line 2

Urban services of San Fernando de Henares

Line 1 outgoing trip

Line 1 return trip

Urban services of Guadalajara

City map with lines in service

Would you rather use the metro?

Metro of Madrid

Or perhaps you're more of a bicycle person...



Guay Bici

Integrated sale of tourist tickets for Madrid CityTour Bus with a discount of 10% on the tourist bus price for customers using these services to travel to the city and purchasing both tickets. Point of sale only.

Connection agreements to foster intermodality and joint sales with other companies operating regular road passenger transport services (countrywide and regional), detailed below:

• Madrid-Badajoz-Valencia and Madrid-Salamanca-Vigo: sale of combined tickets via MOVELIA.

• Madrid-Málaga-Algeciras and Madrid-Agudo: sale of combined tickets via MOVELIA.

• Madrid-Fuente del Arco-Badalona: sale of combined tickets via MOVELIA.

• Madrid-Piedrabuena

• Madrid-Toledo via Valmojado and Casarrubios

• Madrid-Teruel-Valencia

• Madrid-San Clemente-Las Lagunas de Ruidera

• Madrid-Zaorejas and Sigüenza

• Madrid-Plasencia

• Madrid-Piedrabuena

• Madrid-Aldeanueva del Camino

• Madrid-Piedrabuena

Consorcio Regional de Transportes de la Comunidad de Madrid.

All combined trips generated between the new service and other nationwide intercity services run by ALSA will benefit from a discount of 20% in the new service.

Discount of €20 for Busplus in car rental services with RESPIRO (and €10 for non-Busplus).

Would you like to book a taxi? Here is the number:

Alovera: (+34) 669 861 590

Alcalá de Henares: (+34) 918 822 188 / 179

Azuqueca: (+34) 949 101 050

Guadalajara: (+34) 949 212 245

Opportunity of hiring ALSACAB (car service with driver) in Madrid when buying your ticket.

Servicios para pasajeros con discapacidad y necesidades especiales

Descuentos especiales

Los billetes de esta ruta cuentan con un 15% de descuento para los viajeros que acrediten un grado de discapacidad igual o superior al 33%. Este descuento será de un 30% si el usuario es socio de Bus Plus. El billete será gratuito para los acompañantes de pasajeros con alguna discapacidad física, intelectual o sensorial que requieran de asistencia permanente. Descuentos no acumulables entre sí.

Certificación Accesibilidad

La ruta Madrid-Guadalajara ha sido certificada por AENOR según la NORMA UNE170001 de Sistemas de Gestión de Accesibilidad Universal. Consulta nuestro apartado de Accesibilidad y necesidades especiales de nuestra web para ampliar información.

Servicios destinados a pasajeros con necesidades especiales

Vehículos adaptados