Useful information

Check in - we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before your flight check-in.

Luggage - you are allowed to check 2 bags weighing up to 30 kg overall.

Groups discount - 30% discount for groups of at least 4 people travelling together. Please see the discount conditions..

Tickets: purchase your ticket via our website, by telephone calling to 902 42 22 42, by our app, at ALSA´s ticket sales offices or on-board the bus in some routes.

ALSA Aeropuerto. Te llevamos al aeropuerto.

  • Easy and convenient -Take your luggage and go from your city to the airport.
  • Fast and timely -You know exactly your departing and arriving time.
  • Affordable -Save the taxi or train to the airport and the airport parking.

Madrid airport

More than 200 daily services.

Alicante airport

More than 50 daily services.

Malaga airport

More than 30 daily services.

Barcelona airport

More than 20 daily services.

Asturias airport

More than 30 daily services.

Santander airport

More than 80 daily services.

Valladolid airport

More than 10 daily services.

Biarritz airport

More than 20 daily services.

Granada airport

More than 10 daily services.

Geneva airport

Two daily services.

Porto airport

Two daily services.

Faro airport

Two daily services.