What is Busplus

Never before has travelling with ALSA offered so many advantages: accumulate points which can be exchanged for travel tickets, obtain special discounts, enjoy payment benefits etc. - all totally free and easy to join.

And now, if you join Busplus, you won't pay any booking fees from your first purchase. Only until 28th February!

Signing up for membership only takes a minute
Accumulate and cash in your points
5€ = 10 points

And in addition...

  • Use your points to pay between 50% and 100% of the price of your ticket
  • No further admin costs after your second purchase online, via the app or by phone
  • Visa Busplus. Free to members with added benefits
  • Sign in using your DNI/Passport No. to enjoy all club benefits
  • Exchange tickets for the next available departure for up to half an hour if you miss your bus for any reason (only at point of sale)
  • Cancel or change tickets without charge up to 2 hours before departure
  • Exclusive promotions tailored to your travel preferences
  • Free SMS messages using the booking reference
  • Access to exclusive Supra waiting rooms to make your journey more comfortable before boarding the bus