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Supra Class ALSA

Supra Class makes for a unique travel experience.

And to ensure this we provide the greatest comforts, from leather upholstered seats with no neighbours so that you can travel completely unhampered, to leg-rests to enhance relaxation.

However, if what you want is to make the most of your time during your journey, we offer you WIFI Internet connection so you can work or chat with friends. Additionally, our onboard entertainment goes even further, with current press and magazine, as well as the best audio-visual content via our Ociobus channel.

With SUPRA class you can enjoy current films, documentaries and a wide range of music. Free newspapers and earphones, electrical socket (see layout) and free Wi-Fi Internet connection. (* not available in backup services.)

And to make the experience really unique there is a hostess on board for the whole of the trip.

This service,which is exclusive to ALSA, offers two modalities to suit your needs

  • Supra +
    Designed to ensure you lack nothing during your trip, as we provide a hostess who will attend your needs at all times. Includes: catering service, luggage security, etc.
    If you are looking for that personalised touch, Supra + is the right choice.
  • Supra Economy
    For those who wish to enjoy the Supra Class comforts at a more economical price.

Supra rooms

A VIP waiting room to make your wait until departure more comfortable, to avoid crowds. As exclusive as the Supra exclusive service. Enjoy it in:

  • MADRID: From Monday to Friday and Sundays, from 13:20 to 21:30. Saturdays from 07:30 to 17:00
  • PONFERRADA: 20 minutes before the Supra+ departure
  • OVIEDO: 30 minutes before the Supra departure.
  • LEÓN: 30 minutes before the Supra departure.

Supra in pictures

Quick and Direct

SUPRA Class offers direct services between cities, allowing you to reach your destination more quickly.


Welcome to space: SUPRA class has wider leather seats with bigger distances between them, set out in rows of one and two seats up to a maximum total of 38, therefore providing more spaciousness. The interior comfort gives the sensation of exclusivity, whilst VIP rooms are available in leading cities.

Entertainment and Internet Access

With SUPRA class you can enjoy current films, documentaries and a wide range of music.

Top Class Care with the Supra+ Service

If you are looking for a more personal service, Supra+ Class services also offer: on-board hostess service, catering, control and receipt of luggage, childcare service, cold drinks, books, magazines.

The Latest Technology to Guarantee your Safety

SUPRA coaches are fitted with the most advanced technology and safety items on the market. The vehicles include the latest in road safety, regulation of distance to the preceding vehicle, lane guidance, stability control, etc.

Services Supra

Service details for each of the SUPRA CLASS modalities


Baggage labelling
Childcare service
for unaccompanied minors
Press and magazines
Free earphones
WIFI - free
Internet connection
Additional travel insurance
Free water bottles
Gift for week-end travellers
Possibility of animal transport